This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

SMFforum Integration module provides integration with SMF: Simple Machines Forum

The following blocks are provided to integrate SMF with your Drupal site:

1) SMFforum: Hidden authentication
Allows forum users to login to your Drupal site and provides advanced
authentication and synchronyzation with the forum.

2) SMFforum: New forum topics
Display a list of the latest forum topics.

3) SMFforum: New forum posts
Display a list of the latest forum messages.

4) SMFforum: Online forum users
Display a list of all on-line forum users.

5) SMFforum: Forum statistics
Display forum statistics including: number of users, threads, messages,
newest member, etc.

6) SMFforum: Personal messages
Display your forum personal messages if you are logged in.

7) SMFforum: Top posters
Display a list of the top posters.


1) Download the SMFforum module from or

2) Download the latest smf_api_2 archive from
See the "license.txt" file for details of the Simple Machines LLC license.

3) Copy smfforum directory to your modules directory .../modules/smfforum/

4) Unpack smf_api_2 archive and copy it to subdirectory

5) Follow the instructions in README.txt file.

Use at you risk on production site.

How to make Drupal 5 release from Drupal 6 release.

Change in smfforum.module constant

Support the development of the smfforum module for SMF 2.0

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