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Drupal to Simple Machines Forum 2 (SMF2) posting module.


- SMF 2.0 "REST" API from used with MODIFICATIONS, so you shouldn't use it.
If newer API appear on github, API files that included on module will updated after testing.

- CURL (php library) should be enabled (SMF2 API REST requirements).

- Token module:


- Install as usual, see for further information.

- Copy server part smf2p\inc\api to SMF2 site.
So path should like:
- Open there /api/index.php file, row #48 and change SECRET_KEY to any row, for example:
define ('SECRET_KEY', 'Put your secret key here');

- if you use nginx, please be sure that http://FORUMURL/api/login/user.json should work, see .htaccess file in api folder for apache, that instruct rules.


- Visit "SMF2 Posting settings" - admin/config/content/smf2p - for configuring:
* Fill secret key, that you enter at "Installation" time.
* Fill Absolute URL to SMF2 site:
* Fill Absolute URL to copied SMF2 API REST site folder:
* Enter Email of user, that will author of posts in SMF2 site.
* Click "Save configuration", and if all ok, new settings fields appear. Otherwise, check error messages.
* Fill next on success:
- Allowed node types;
- Display link to forum at node view as field or in links
- Title template;
- Body template;
- For title and body use tokens tree for finding correct token replacer, especially under "Nodes".
- Some tokens generated only after node save submitting, so you change these [TOKEN:VALUE] to {{TOKEN:VALUE}},
for example: Node NID generated only after submitting, so you should do next: [node:nid] to {{node:nid}}
But title of node should be [node:title], since it used from filled form elements.

- Visit "Permissions" - admin/people/permissions for configuring "smf2p" permissions:
* Publish CONTENTTYPE to SMF2 - enable for selected roles.

- Visit selected content types field display admin page:
* For example, Page content type: admin/structure/types/manage/page/display
* Check that "URL to Forum topic" is visible and correctly ordered.


For posting node to forum:
* Add node with allowed node type and appropriate user permission.
* Fill required node form fields. Passing validation of form is important, since enabling posting
to forum will check it.
* Click Community fieldset options at the bottom and check Create post on forum.
* Title and Body will regenerated with current filled token. If you will change node form elements above,
you should click Refresh for updating current fields.
* Select certain Board.
* Check or change title and body. Please don't touch {{TOKENS}}, this is unaccessible tokens at this
moment (for example, NID will generated only after submitting).
* Click Save.
* Check Node view, forum topic link should appear. Try click, it open new window with generated topic.

For editing posted forum settings on node:
* Edit node, that already have posted to forum.
* Now you cann't edit title and body.
* You can change only URL of forum (so you should prepare forum topic on SMF2 site).
* You can also uncheck "Create post on forum", if you don't want show Forum link.
If you will enable it again, you still can change only URL.


- Warning: If you move SMF2 forum with "api" folder to other place, please remove dynamically
created "smfapi_settings.txt" file folder on "api" folder.


* Make posted forum topic to be changeable after posting. So title, body and board can be changed at node editing.
* Make check that user can post to selected board.


For supporting cyrillic: SMF2_site/Sources/Subs-Db-mysql.php #374 add:
@mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8");
I don't know why they made this for PostgreSql, but don't do for others.


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