Smart IP Ban

This module leverages the IP blocking feature in Drupal core. Automatically blocks and unblocks user IP address if too many incorrect login attempt were made. If N number of failed_login_attempt_ip events were reported in flood table within some interval then IP address will be added to blocked_ips list for configured interval. Unblocking will happen on cron run when blocking time elapse.

How to use

  • Install smart_ip_ban module
  • Configure - No. of failed attempts to exclude, Check failed attempts reported in last x minutes, how long to ban and excluded IPs at admin/config/people/ip-blocking/settings


Make sure Drupal cron runs every few minutes or so to ensure unblocking happens within time bound

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This module has been developed and maintained by Sivaji at KnackForge - The Drupal shop operating from Chennai, India. KnackForge offers Drupal development, consultancy, hosting and support to customers worldwide. Write to to know more.

Development of this module was funded by PithPicker, the automatic News summarizer based on Machine Learning and Natural Langauge processing.

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