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Slinky is a flexible mechanism for displaying social networking links consistently throughout your Drupal site.

To use this, you need a set of social networking links that look nice and match your site. A good starting place for this is on This site


For basic purposes, there are three ways that users are invited to interact with social networking sites. The Slinky bundle ships with separate modules that expose each of these types of functionality:

Sitewide Links
Provide a list of general links for your site, inviting users to follow you on other social networking sites. This module creates one or more blocks that show large or small icons for the networks you maintain.

"Share this" links
Create one or more links on your posts that allow your readers to submit "share this" style links to social networking services.

Content Links
You may wish to link to social networking sites from individual nodes on your site. Purposes for doing this may include:

  • User profile nodes that are managed by the content_profile module, indicating your members' social networking pages.
  • Links on content such as a business directory listing, a cause or campaign, an event, or any other content that may have an associated page.

For this functionality, you can use the Link module to collect, validate and store one or more social networking links on your content. The Content Links module included with Slinky can display these links as consistent and appealing icons.


Each of these included modules is simple, lightweight and provides a consistent appearance for social networking links throughout your site. This is made possible by the Slinky API, which can automatically detect social network URL's in your links and convert them to attractive icons.

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