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Slideshow Creator creates slideshows anywhere in the document using any image on the internet with many other features. If the user does not have JavaScript enabled, it displays all images sequentially.


  • Directory: dynamically loads all images from a given directory
  • Featured: it uses jQuery Cycle plugin to manage the effects
  • Convenient: can be inserted anywhere in any text in any node type
  • Customizable: all jQuery effects, different speeds and allows more than one slideshow per page
  • Lightweight: the JavaScript file is very small
  • Themable: use a CSS to customize the look
  • Valid: the code is XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2

Update: New Feature

You can now put thumbnail pagers on your slideshows (including retrofitting all existing slideshows in a single step). See the release notes for 7.x-1.11 or 6.x-1.47.


* Basic documentation is here.
* You will need jQuery Plugin module.
* Slideshow Creator for Drupal 4.7 and 5 is not maintained anymore.
* blend feature doesn't work on Safari nor Konqueror browser 3.x, unfortunately

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