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Hello Drupal creator!

Are you looking for the best module that implements the beautiful responsive Slick library? Well what are you doing here? You should check out Slick Carousel.

Are you looking to just have 1 slider on your site and feel that Slick Carousel is overkill? Then you should probably just add the Slick library through custom code! What do you need a module for?

Maybe check out Simple Slick as well for a true Slick Lite implementation.

If you're still here after reading the above, be aware that this module started as a custom implementation to fit the needs of the maintainer on multiple client projects. This module is minimally maintained and only still exists because there are still sites that use it.

Uses: Slick v1.x (

Requires: jQuery Update (jQuery 1.7) and the Libraries API.

Sponsored by Fenix Solutions.

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