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The Sliced Book Navigation allows the book navigation to be exploded - each level will be placed in its own block. It has the same behavior as the Sliced Menu module.

To use this "exploded" book navigation, simply go to Site Configuration, then Sliced Book Navigation and choose the book to slice. In the admin block section of Drupal, blocks have been added named "book name"_level_x, you can place them wherever you want.

This module can be used to make navigation more themable. For example, you can put level zero in the top region of your site, level one in the left sidebar, level two in a navigation table on top of the content and every other level inside the content itself.

New feature in the last release, it's now possible to add a custom subclass to each sliced navigation item. While editing a book page, a menu called Sliced Book Navigation allow to specify a class to the generated menu item.

5.x-2.0 version additions
This is an update that changes the way you can slice books. Old slicing should still work but now you can also slice based on the following criteria:
* Starting at any node
* Down for as many levels as you want
* Minor js to allow for expand collapse of whole sliced book block
* 2.0 slicedbook blocks will show up on every page
* You can create as many new block slices as you want from the admin page

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