SlAuth is a module to allow authentication using SecondLife / OpenSim credentials ( login / pass ).

The user needs first to register to the Drupal site using the normal way and should use the login name with firstname and lastname separated by a space.

The admin panel allows you to change the login Uri and to define the login flow.

0 = Drupal only ( drupal authentication process ( the same as without this module installed ) )
1 = Inworld only ( the user is using the inworld credentials )
2 = Drupal -> Inworld ( try the Drupal login first and if fails, use the Inworld process )
3 = Inworld -> Drupal ( try the Inworld login first and if it fails, use the Drupal process )

During the login process, if the user is logged in SecondLife / OpenSim he will be logged out because this system is using a "real" connection to the login server and only one avatar can log only one time.
So after login process, everything is fine and the user can relog inworld.

Project Information