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MD5: 5634858586b9aebc05dc389eea016072
SHA-1: 0cf9c3f05843ed77894a5311e418adace7fecaeb
SHA-256: 075e74f55bfe8f4c3f9f9811afe50e9faf7415a0a02c3f099a42832d174897f3
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MD5: b6777890bd88c0a76b33829b08a38715
SHA-1: 7abd07887d979f7083641eb5a4d02cc704db7edd
SHA-256: 14bd0b4722c13733196b7c8e82aa89fad79db9722f409dcbe3187b0995885b96
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/skinr:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: moonray
Created on: 14 Jul 2014 at 10:57 UTC
Last updated: 14 Jul 2014 at 11:52 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Changes since Skinr 7.x-2.0-beta1, 2010-04-20:

  • #2007416 by moonray: Improved skinr_preprocess() performance.
  • #1311046 by moonray: Fixed custom theme detection for skinr_current_theme().
  • #2059029 by moonray | uncommented: Fixed Skinr skins defined in theme disappear after update script is run.
  • #2006370 by moonray: Fixed no group assigned to new skins on import after skinr_contextual is already enabled.
  • #1330306 by moonray | mrfelton: Updated skinr_panels to use UUIDs. This should fix any previous issues with panels in code as well.
  • #2204221 by fubhy | kendouglass: Fixed class is not an array.
  • #2253493 by moonray: Fixed Ctools update 7.x-1.4 breaks tests.
  • #2175389 by moonray, kendouglass: Fixed passed by reference PHP warnings.
  • #1069960 by Grayside, moonray: Use of @mainpage conflicts with API module.
  • #2013553 by zipme_hkt, mariomc: Skinr UI add Skin form disabled select box.
  • #2006462 by moonray: Add group listing admin page.
  • #2006176 by moonray: Break out functions from skinr_ui() and skinr_context_ui() to additional includes for better performance.
  • #1653564 by stewart.adam, moonray: Fixed PHP warning "Only variables should be passed by reference".
  • #1554044 by mrfelton, moonray: Ensure hook_skinr_preprocess_alter() is always called to allow injecting skin configurations.
  • #by moonray: Fixed strict warning about passing by reference.
  • #984402 by moonray: Re-design Skinr admin UI.
  • #744706 by Scott Reynolds, ericduran, moonray: Added features support.
  • #1299162 by rooby, moonray: Fixed default value not being passed to custom skin widget form.
  • #1209938 by moonray | Hari: Skinr allows CSS classes defined as string rather than array in a skin.
  • #943782 by moonray: Updated detection of maintenance mode in skinr_preprocess.
  • #1717340 by moonray: Fixed CSS and JS files not included when 'Aggregate and compress CSS files' is enabled.
  • #1916534 by kbahey, moonray: Added performance improvements for skinr_preprocess().
  • #1980882 by moonray: Fixed skin with custom 'form callback' won't load on form when in $
  • #1753486 by JurriaanRoelofs, moonray: Fixed Skinr indiscriminately adds contextual-links class to skinr theme_hook() elements even when no skins are available.
  • #1945480 by rooby: Split the getting of the skinr ui edit form defaults out into their own function.
  • #1160924 by mrfelton: Changed panels warning to use watchdog instead of drupal_set_message.
  • #1783412 by varshith: Fixed Undefined variable theme_hooks() warning message when adding a skin for a region(under skin type system).
  • #1588158 by JurriaanRoelofs: Added CSS so that body element is position: static even when contextual links are used on body element.
  • #1547250 by moonray: Fixed skins on Panels never appear when Skinr Context module is enabled.
  • #1549536 by moonray: Fixed "require all conditions" option not being saved.


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