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SkeletonCraft is a Responsive Drupal 7 theme that I have been using for a while on Minecraft related sites that I administer. I have gotten it to a point that I really like, and it's time to release it into the wild.


  • Uses the Skeleton CSS Boilerplate as a base for a responsive, mobile friendly layout.
  • Fully integrated with TinyNav module out of the box. (Required for Mobile Navigation to work properly) Install and enable the TinyNav module and you are good to go.
  • Using old school terminal type freeware font, ModeSeven, made by Andrew Bulhak circa 1998.


Please Note: There is currently a major bug in TinyNav 1.2, the current release, so please use TinyNav 1.1 until further notice.

I did all of the artwork for this theme. It's not the most beautiful work of art, but it resembles the look of Minecraft with large pixel artwork. I will probably make updates to the artwork at some point to give it a better repeating pattern for the background. This was my first attempt.

Thanks to sirkitree for the logo!

SkeletonCraft is currently being used on:

Play Minecraft with Drupalers is the unofficial Drupal Minecraft community. Thanks to Four Kitchens for hosting the original server and website. If you play Minecraft, stop by the website for our current server address and more information.

Issues / Feature Requests

Please post any issues or feature requests you have for SkeletonCraft in the Issue Queue to the right.


Contributing themes and supporting them takes time and effort. Consider donating with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin to support the SkeletonCraft project.

Bitcoin: 1AGh4777o3ahx8GkPwzXof9TEpER7yXpzJ
Litecoin: Lfk4FgeiKDRWFRXDUkicXTWsh2dPT94ew8
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