This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Siteminder module allows for users to authenticate to a Drupal site when the site is being run within the Siteminder environment. Siteminder itself is a single sign-on application made by Computer Associates. You can read more about the Siteminder system here


7.x-2.x Branch

This is a complete rewrite of the module to utilize Drupal's external authentication methods and to streamline the codebase. The current 7.x-dev release allows you to authenticate via Siteminder, as well as control how the username is created on the Drupal site and nothing else. I will be bringing features over from the 1.x branch as well as adding new features in the near future. Please post any feature requests in the issue queue!

Current features

  • Authenticate via Siteminder via username passed to Drupal in the $_SERVER variable
  • Automatically creates the user if it is their first time authenticating on the site
  • Filter the username given to Drupal for account creation to remove domain or prefixes

Future features

  • Support for Siteminder Profiles and mapping those fields to user profiles
  • Plugin system to add profile mapping support to other Drupal modules
  • Support for Profile2 mapping
  • Exportable support for Configuration and Features

Drupal 7 version is sponsored by NVIDIA.

6.x-1.x Branch

  • Creates new user if first time visit to site
  • Comes with Siteminder Profile plugin module - creates content profile per-user
  • Map Siteminder HTTP fields to content profile fields
  • Extensible - write your own plugin module and map Siteminder HTTP fields to your plugin module for processing and/or storage
  • Chaos Tools integration for views-like definition of mappings (Normal, Default, Overridden, define mappings in code)
  • Detection for when Siteminder values change, automated content profile updating based on changed values. Also available to plugin modules
  • See the README.txt for more information

Drupal 6 version sponsored by Development Seed with contributions from the World Bank.

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