Site Info is a module which displays site related information by simply installing it. It provides the following things:

  • Site Name
  • Drupal Version
  • PHP Version
  • Database Information
  • Content Type
  • User

This module extends Drupal to provide brief inforamtion about the website. That information might be helpful for site administrator. Site administrator(s) would be able to get the Site Information in a single page.


The Site Info module is very similar to other Drupal modules. For installation of the Site Info module please follow the below mentioned steps:


There is no configuration for this module.


Site Info module is originally written & maintained by Rahul Seth along with co-maintainer Rishi Kulshreshtha.

Other Project

A lots of other project like:- System Status, Devel, Devel Info, Site Audit are available for drupal 7 which give the site information. But SiteInfo module is different then others because it provide additional information such as:

  • Display numbers of roles and their name.
  • Display numbers of users and their name.
  • Display numbers of content types and their name.
  • Number of nodes of particular content type.
  • Drupal install date.
  • Database name.
  • Database driver.

In other words simply it provide the site information in one page and there is no need to configure it. Displaying the whole site information at Drupal's front end was still not available; but this can be achieved now by using this module.

Project information