Site Under Construction module basic purpose is to implement third parties templates on your drupal site without writing a single line of code or modification or alteration of drupal files. You need to download html templates from any third party website and place the templates directory under sites/all/libraries/site_under_construction_template or any location you want under drupal directory then enable this module functionality under module configurations page. Go to configurations page and enable it by checked and choose the your desire template.

1- Download the third party templates.
2- Move template directory under sites/all/libraries/site_under_construction_templates
or some other place you want.
3- Enable module and go to configuration page.
4- Enable the check box and choose the template which you want to implement for
your site.

1- Main template directory should be under your mentioned templates path.
2- Module only will include main template directory html files in option list.

3- Module will exclude all html files if these are placed under template sub
directory e.g
4- Html template will be implemented all pages except /user pages.
5- Html template will be implemented for end user only.

Project information