Add notices to the top of your site to announce information to your visitors and users.

Use cases for notices may include:

  • Scheduled downtime
  • Holiday office hours
  • Policy updates
  • New features

Configure Notices

The basic configuration and field settings for notices can be found here:

Admin > Configuration > Administration > Site Notice

Manage Notices

Notices behave like content, so they can be found here:

Admin > Content > Site Notices

Currently Supports

  • Multiple notices
  • Views integration
  • Manually set on/off status per notice
  • Page/path filtering
  • User role filtering
  • Page top/bottom placement
  • User Dismissal per Session
  • Permanent User Dismissal
  • Notice Dismissal with AJAX (No Refresh)
  • Contextual Integration

In Development

Check out my Trello board for a full list of issues and feature requests, which ones I am working on and to vote on the features you'd like to see next.



This module doesn't provide any styling in the form of CSS because I don't know what your site looks like.

The wrappers have CSS IDs of #site-notice-top and #site-notice-bottom and classes of .site-notice on each notice. These are overridable in the preprocessors if you wish, but should make it pretty easy to create some nice looking notices in your stylesheet.

Project information