This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is more or less abandoned. Checkout the Site Configuration Permissions module, which provides even more granular control for the "administer site configuration" permission.

This module provides a separate permission for site information administration. This is usually included "Administer site configuration" permissions, which also gives access to modules, themes, etc.It does this by creating a separate "lite" Site Information page (admin/settings/site-information), which gives the administrator the ability to set which fields should be shown. Permission are created for administering which fields should be shown and for accessing the "lite" site information page.

This allows creating a site where editors (as opposed to administrators) can:
- edit the site info but not break the site by changing settings for modules, performance/cache, clean-urls, etcetera,
- edit things like the site name, email and slogan but not the footer (eg if it contains links to the web designer or d.o that shouldn't change) or default front page (breaking the front page if the editor doesn't know what they're doing).

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