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Do you want to organize front page of your site as a single page website with navigation by anchors?


This module provide the ability to display the content of all menu items of the main-menu on the Single Page Website module.
On the page 'single_page' the links in the menu will be replaced to the links to the correspondent anchors.
You can set URL 'single_page' as front page of your site, and your visitors will see the Single Page Website. But it will be the site managed by Drupal 7.

This approach is good for the small personal websites and promotional pages.
Also you can see short video tutorial how to setup singe page site

The module good works with Bartik 7.0 theme.
If you would like to use this module just now it is strongly recommended
bartik sub-theme as your custom theme (please see How to Customize Bartik).

List of supported themes

  • Bartik & sub-themes
  • Responsive Bartik & sub-themes
  • Zen & sub-themes (Warning: not enough tested)


Please, go to the module configuration page:
Configure / System / Single Page Settings

1. There is the list of themes where module works. You should be sure that at least one of supported themes is enabled on your site.

2. You should select theme. Now Bartik and it's sub-themes is the best choise.

3. Finnaly If you would like to have Single Page Website feature on your front page you should set 'single_page' as the front page of your site:
Configuration > System > Site information > Front page > Default front page


  • Add more popular themes.
  • Horizontal scroll.

The development of this module supported by Successful Development LP.

Examples of Sites Created with this module or on the base of this module with some kind of custamization

Please, open an issue to add your sites in this list.

About 7.x-2.x-dev

Some issues appear during using AJAX single page creation, commonly some JS does not work on the Single page. A new branch is designed to solve this problem.

In this new branch AJAX approach was replaced to PhpQuery approach.
Now the building of the single page takes place on the side of server
unlike branch 1.x, where the page is formed on the client side using AJAX requests to Drupal.

This new approach designed to solve all the problems encountered when using other JS on the page.

Be sure to the correct work of this module PhpQuery library required!

You should download phpQuery library
and put it into sites/all/libraries/phpQuery/phpQuery-onefile.php
If you would like to have support of non latin characters on your page,
please, use

Also to allow support of changing hashes (#) in the browser address line,
you should install jquery.autoanchor library,
please download it from backup (#1879150: autoanchor file not found...)
save file to the sites/all/libraries/jquery.autoanchor/jquery.autoanchor.js
This is optional function.

If you would like to support Easing (
Please add easing plugin to
You should download and rename jquery.easing.1.3.js to jquery.easing.js
Be sure easing works only in versions created after 27 Feb. 2012!

I would like to mention about a similar projects One Page CV and Anchors Panels Navigation Module. The second one solution seems more flexible and has no theme limitations.

Single Page Website Group

Attention! 7-1.x branch is no longer supported, I'm not going to fix any problems in it. Please update the module on your site to 7-2.x!

I have no plans to support 6.x. Sorry! Feel free to help with this task, I can add you as co-maintainer.

There is no plans to do Drupal 8 version. Please take a look on LandingPage Framework as and alternative solution for Drupal 8 case.

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