This module provides functionality to create a single page website.
It allows you to automatically create a single page from a menu. The module will render all the content from the links, that are configured in the menu, on one page. It will then override the menu links so that they refer to an anchor instead of a new page.


  • Choose the menu which you want to create a single page for
  • Define the class/id of the menu wrapper
  • Define the class(es) of the menu items that should implement the single page navigation. (Maybe you don't want all the menu items to be overwritten by an anchor, eg. contact form on seperate page). If you don't fill out this field all menu items will be rendered on your single page.
  • Go to structure -> menus -> "your single page menu" and give all the menu links that have to appear on the single page the class you defined in step 3.
  • If you don't want to use the title of the menu item as section title on your single page, you can use the name attribute of the menu link as title
  • If you want to render content on your single page but don't want the menu item to show up in your menu, navigate to the menu item and give it the class "hide"
  • Go to /single-page-site and anjoy your one-pager

This module is not a duplicate of Singe Page Website. This module isn't dependent on the (sub)theme you are using. The reason Singe Page Website module is dependent on Bartik/Zen is that it applies already lots of CSS and JS for users who don't have a lot of HTML/CSS/JS knowledge. I used it before and it's a great module if you are using bartik/zen as a theme!

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