SimpleTagCanvas is a block module based on Graham Breach TagCanvas Javascript Class.

With this module you can display a block with manually specified graphics and text links within the plugin TagCanvas Javascript Class cloud shapes. It is primarily used for manually defined graphics and is not a substitute for the taxonomy controlled drupal module TagCanvas which depends on the module Tagadelic. The ability to create text links is only a option to offer a combination of text and graphics. All links, images and options should be adjusted easily in the backend.

  • Already implemented configuration options
    • canvas width / height
    • shape: sphere
    • shape: vertical cylinder
    • shape: horizontal cylinder
    • shape: vertical ring
    • shape: horizontal ring
    • mouse wheel zoom on/off
    • lock x/y axis
    • maxspeed
    • minspeed
  • Link management
    • define custom links (link-text, href)
    • define link color
    • upload multiple image files
    • ...

    An installation manual and a demo can be found on the website

Project information