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Simplenews Register gives the user an option of subscribing to a newsletter when they register for the site. This module adds the user registration form the the Simplenews block for the newsletter given the following conditions:

  • The user is not logged in
  • The anonymous user does not have permission to subscribe to a newsletter (You want to better track subscriber information)
  • The Simplenews Register module is enabled and the newsletter is set so the registering user must opt out.
  • The Simplenews block configuration is set to show the signup form

When the registration form appears the user will have the option to enter a username, e-mail address, and password if the user settings allow.
Instead of showing an error message when the username is already taken, the module automatically generates a name for the user, and notifies them of the change.
The user receives two emails after registration:

  • inform them of successful signup to the site, and possible letting them know their new password/username
  • confirm subscription to the newsletter

Development was sponsored by Tribute Media.

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