This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Newsletter subscription block with Simplenews RealName

The Simplenews RealName module allows you to send personalized newsletters with the Simplenews module by collecting the name of the subscribers, which will be available in the messages as token.

Features overview

  • Collects the subscriber's name via the Name field added to the newsletter subscription forms.
  • Allows to use the !subscriber_name (or [simplenews-receiver-realname] in 2.x) token in the newsletters to create personalized salutations like Dear John Doe!
  • Alters the subscription overview page to display the Real name of the subscribers next to their Username.
  • Allows to mass import and mass export subscriptions with a name provided in John Doe; format (one per row).
  • Supports RealName module for better handling of registered users, therefore support for the core Profile and the contributed Content Profile modules is also granted.

Development status

The 2.x branch provides support for Simplenews 2.x and works slightly different, therefore Token module is a requirement. Note that there will be no official 2.x release of this module until Simplenews 2.x becomes stable.


Since I know that the most demanding feature for Simplenews is to collect all kind of information about the subscriber (see #127178: Make Subscribers fieldable for more information), I have to note here that support of this module is limited to it's basic functionality. I won't extend it's features to include any additional information beyond the subscriber's name. Please don't open any issue requesting that.


Originally made for a custom project, revised and published on account of the urgent need of the community to send personalized newsletters.

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