This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module works with the simplenews module to allow you to automatically generate digest emails to subscribed users. The emails contain a simple listing of links, grouped by node type, to nodes posted on the site since the last time a digest newsletter was sent out. The following can be configured:

1) How frequently the digest newsletter gets sent (days/weeks/months)
2) Which newsletter should act as the digest newsletter
3) Which node types and taxonomy terms to send
4) How node types should be labeled in the newsletter
5) What time of day the newsletter should be sent out

Author's Note, July 22nd: I've got one of my guys updating the module. We've released a new dev snapshot for d6. We will be patching and fixing bugs frequently. Thanks for your continued patience.

New maintainer note, Sept, 27th
First of all thanks to Morris Singer and Steve Dondley for all the hard work you both have done on this module. You are still very welcome in the issue queue to provide support or commit patches!

I took over this module because I worked a lot with it in the past and have the feeling that this module still have a lot of potential.


  • Get to a stable Drupal 6 release with following features for sure. Other requested features in the issue queue may get it to this version. Once at this point, Drupal 5 version will not be supported anymore.
    • Code cleanup + bugfixing old code
    • Multiple digests
    • Testing digests
  • Getting the module to Drupal 7

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