Note: As of 2014-07-02, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to [].
A working alternative is (or for D6

The module will (on the cron) try and connect with the "Simplenews default From email address" mailbox (via imap) and do a best effort in understanding the bounce reports and saving them in the database in Drupal. The results are available in a view. (admin/reports/bounce)

Currently there is no active processing of bounces, you have to do that manually.

Drupal 7

No development.

Drupal 6

Only version 2.x is being developed and supported.


Highly recommended

  • A dedicated mailbox for bounce handling
  • mimemail or another mail library


  • Download, install and enable the module.
  • Download and install the PHPMailer-BMH (Bounce Mail Handler) (version 5.0.0). Unpack the archive in /sites/all/libraries/PHPMailer-BMH/ so that the index.php file is in the root of the PHPMailer-BMH folder. (you may also use a more specific libraries folder that is compatible with the libraries module)
  • Go to the settings page and configure your mailbox. (admin/settings/simplenews/bounce)

Bounce handling will start on the next cron run. Detailed reports can be found at admin/reports/bounce

Know issues

  • Some software (websever, OS, ...) could override the needed headers. (reply-to, errors-to, ...) Please open an issue if you are experiencing these problems so we can get them fixed.
  • PHPMailer-BHM is not able to recognize all bounces. (yet?)


The original module was written by Sutharsan based on patches by AjK (
The redeveloped (2.x) version of this module was written by weseze

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