This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: As of 2014-07-02, this module is no longer supported. If you are interested in taking this module or its namespace over see: Dealing with unsupported projects.

A working alternative is (or for D6

The module will (on the cron) try and connect with the "Simplenews default From email address" mailbox (via imap) and do a best effort in understanding the bounce reports and saving them in the database in Drupal. The results are available in a view. (admin/reports/bounce)

Currently there is no active processing of bounces, you have to do that manually.

Drupal 7

No development.

Drupal 6

Only version 2.x is being developed and supported.


Highly recommended

  • A dedicated mailbox for bounce handling
  • mimemail or another mail library


  • Download, install and enable the module.
  • Download and install the PHPMailer-BMH (Bounce Mail Handler) (version 5.0.0). Unpack the archive in /sites/all/libraries/PHPMailer-BMH/ so that the index.php file is in the root of the PHPMailer-BMH folder. (you may also use a more specific libraries folder that is compatible with the libraries module)
  • Go to the settings page and configure your mailbox. (admin/settings/simplenews/bounce)

Bounce handling will start on the next cron run. Detailed reports can be found at admin/reports/bounce

Know issues

  • Some software (websever, OS, ...) could override the needed headers. (reply-to, errors-to, ...) Please open an issue if you are experiencing these problems so we can get them fixed.
  • PHPMailer-BHM is not able to recognize all bounces. (yet?)


The original module was written by Sutharsan based on patches by AjK (
The redeveloped (2.x) version of this module was written by weseze

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