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Simpleforms in action

24.02.2011. Do to some internal reasons new development of this module will be happening on Qforms is complete rewrite of simpleforms module, only the end user functionality is similar, code and module logic are completely different.
If you are using simpleforms please consider to switch to qforms module. I will not further develop simpleforms. Sorry for this complication.

Easy and simple custom form creations for Drupal site.

This module adds simpleform node type to your Drupal site. Typical use cases for Simpleforms are surveys, questionnaires and contact/request/ register forms.

Submissions from a simpleforms are saved in a database table and can optionally be mailed to a multiple email address upon submission. Past submissions are viewable for users with the correct permissions.

Simpleforms includes simple reporting tools and is also capable of exporting submitted data to a csv file for detailed statistical calculations.

Simpleforms module is similar to webform (or maybe as a light combination of webform and form_builder module) but it has lighter implementation than the webform and it is much simpler to use. The main idea behind simpleforms module is keep it simple for the end user. That also means that simpleforms will never grown into a very complex and big module that is difficult to use & administer. Instead, simpleforms will have pluggable architecture so other contributed modules can easily add advanced functionality when it is needed.


  • Main feature of simpleforms is very easy custom forms creation process. Very complex forms can be created in couple of seconds.
  • Supported form elements:
    • Text field,
    • Text area,
    • Select field (single/multiple),
    • Checkbox group,
    • Radio group,
    • Grid (scale) of radio groups.
  • Possibility to add custom submit actions to every simpleform form
    • Custom 'thank you' message,
    • Redirection to custom site page,
    • Notification of new submissions over email.
  • Report listing of all submissions for a given simpleform. Also single detail view of some submission,
  • Export of submitted data to csv file.

Inspiration for this module creation was a jquery.formbuilder plugin.


Simpleforms dynamic form creation should work on every modern web browser with javascript support (including IE6). You will not be able to create forms if javascript is disabled in your browser.

You will need to download and manually add json2.js, so be sure to check the installation section in README.txt.


Stable 1.0

  • Better UI for form creation.
  • More refactoring of javascript part.
  • Advanced statistics (texts and graphs). This will be an additional module.
  • Fieldable simpleforms - add simpleforms to any Drupal entity (content types, users...). This will maybe go to 2.0 ver.

Stable 2.0

  • Try to remove json2.js dependency.
  • More fields like file upload and email for example.
  • Pluggable architecture so other modules can add their own custom form fields?
  • Rules integration?

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