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Finally good news for this project: I found a new maintainer for this module, who was willing to migrate the module to Drupal 7!

This module provides a simple and easy way to reserve items which can be created by the administrator. Examples for it's usage can be hotel rooms, boats, cars, airplanes, basically anything you can think of which can be reserved by one individual.

The module provides the possibility to create reservations for other users (dependend on the permissions), and provides also restrictions in the maximum number of reservations a user can make and a maximum time a reservation can be made in advance.

There is NO support for payment, booking and what ever one could imagine beyond the pure and simple reservation, and it is also NOT intended to create more than this simple functionality.

Attention: For Drupal7 and below this module requires the date module!

The module provides a lot of permissions to finetune the access to more advanced features.

The reservations can be found on your site under /simplereservation
Configuration is in the admin section at /admin/config/services/simplereservation

Drupal8 Core is under rapid development and the D8 branch periodically becomes 'out of sync'
Please file an issue if you notice this!

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