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The content overlay supports being triggered from Rules.
This is what the content looks like in the overlay.

Need to display messages or content in an overlay in a pinch, but don't want to hack it using the core Overlay module?

Have you seen the slick way that Commerce Kickstart displays products you recently added to your cart, and wish you could do something similar with messaging throughout your entire site?

Introducing "Simple modal overlay", a fork of the Commerce add to cart confirmation module that provides an extremely simple API and rule action for showing content of any kind in a modal overlay that the user can dismiss.

NOTE: This is currently an API and Rules-only module. There is no admin UI for displaying things like nodes in the overlay yet. You would need to write a module that calls this module for fancier things.

The module defines the Rules action "System > Show content in a simple overlay".

See simple_modal_overlay.api.php for an example of how to invoke the overlay programmatically.

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