This module is used for displaying a Cookie Compliance window at the top of the website.

The goal of the module is to be easy to configure and style to fit any website.

The following features have been implemented:

  • Display a cookie compliance window at the top of the website.
  • Settings page so you can easily access the text in the window.
  • Multilingual, the settings page will generate forms for every language that is enabled on the installation.
  • Responsive.
  • Works with and without JavaScript enabled. (Although D6 version requires JavaScript)

How it works

When you first enable the module, you will need to configure and style the cookie compliance window (See below). After you have done that, a window will appear if the user hasn't accepted yet.

At the moment the module only has a "Implied consent" option. What this means is that from the moment a user entered the website and has seen the cookie compliance message that means that they have given their consent.

Configuring Cookie Message

After you have enabled the module, go to admin/config/system/simple-cookie-compliance.

Once there you can collapse the fieldset named after the language you want to edit the message of and type in what ever you wish. Then type in a text for the button, something along the lines of "Dismiss message." then click Save and it should be ready and working.

An easy way to test if it works is to open an incognito window in Chrome and then go to your site and then it should pop up.


The following code snippets are the only rules that you are going to need to interact with in order to get the window to look pretty on your site. Simply create a CSS file in your theme and add these rules.

The max width that is set on .cookie-compliance__inner is the page's max width, so if you have a page that is Xpx wide and you want the cookie window to follow the same width set to Xpx.

.cookie-compliance {
  background-color: red;  // Change this to any colour you want
.cookie-compliance__inner {
  max-width: 1024px;
.cookie-compliance__text {
  color: #fff;  // Change this to any colour you want
.cookie-compliance__button {
  background-color: #000;  // Change this to any colour you want
  color: #fff;  // Change this to any colour you want


Alingsås Kommun sponsored this project.

Supporting organizations: 
We developed this module with the help of Kodamera's resources.

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