This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Signup Status module extends the Signup module's functionality by allowing users with permission to administer signups on signup-enabled nodes to set the status of a user's signup. This can be used, for example, to mark users as "Paid" or "Completed." By default, the module comes with two default statuses, "Approved" (the default status) and "Wait listed."

This module features:

  • Limit number of signups per status.
  • Wait list functionality for the signup module with optional auto-transition to "Registered" status.
  • Printable rosters as HTML, PDF or CSV.
  • Modifications to the Signup Broadcast form that allows signup creators to email a group of signups based on signup status.
  • Views module support through several fields and filters.

Several optional modules are included in this package, which include:

  • Signup Status Log: An administrative log of signup status changes.
  • Signup Status Certificates: Grant certificates to users based on their status. See "Configuring Certificate Templates" below.
  • Signup Status Mailer: Email users when their signup status has changed.



Update module to Drupal 6.x API and compatibility with 6.x branch of Signup. This will include a pretty major overhaul of much of the data display code so that it uses the Views 2 API. Doing so will allow the module to avoid overwriting much of the Signup module's output (which it currently must do). A solid 6.x-compatible release candidate will also contain the following:


Once the 6.x upgrade is complete, bug fixes and new features will be backported, as needed.

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