This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Signatures for Forums tweaks signatures in ways inspired by other traditional forum software.

  1. when a user changes their signature, all their posts will be updated;
  2. signatures are automatically added to posts, instead of being inserted into the post text;
  3. the administrator can choose the input filter for signatures, allowing BBCode -- if the BBCode module is installed -- or HTML to be used;
  4. signatures are longer than the the Drupal default
  5. conditional signatures, these are hidden, or rel=nofollow'd if a post is under a particular length;
  6. show signature only once per conversation;

This module was developed for The Webmaster Forums (who have recently moved to Drupal--yes, we do like Drupal's forum!)


  • Drupal 7: there is now a development version available for testing. Use at your own risk and test to make sure it works for you before deploying it on any live sites (thanks to Niklas Fiekas for porting this and fixing a bunch of outstanding issues!) That said, we'd love to get feedback on anything that isn't working, so if you find a bug, make sure you raise an issue!
  • the name of this module is 'Signatures for Forums' because it is inspired by other traditional forum software, not because it is restricted to forums only. This module can be used with any node type!;
  • on the demonstration site (linked below) all user's signatures are managed by this module;

Advanced Forum users: switch off automatically adding signatures to content by browsing to Administer -> Site configuration -> Signatures for Forums. Expand Other options, un-check Automatically add signatures to content and Save configuration. Signatures will be displayed twice if this is not done.

Supporting organizations: 
They provide development resources.

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