This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Offers more features for signatures in posts and comments.


  1. Makes user signatures dynamical, that is, if user change his signature in his profile, after each of his/her posts will be the new signature!
  2. Usability benefits - 'cause each time a comment is posted, user don't have to pull down signature to the end of his/her comment.
  3. Comments can be styled another way than the post itself, and it's customizable from 'administer->settings->signature'.
  4. Shows signatures not only after comments, but also after nodes (the only limitation that some html tags will be stripped out).
  5. Allows define content types (and at once comments for them) where signatures should be seen and where not.
  6. New: If the module is enabled, but signatures are disabled for all content types, signature field isn't displayed at user profile settings (So, if you use comment.module but don't want you users to have a signature in their profiles, you need this module too).

A drupal 4.7 version can be found here.

Author: ultraBoy.

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