Shorten URLs

This module provides an API to shorten URLs via many services like and TinyURL (over 15 services are available by default), as well as a block and a page that provide an interface for easily shortening URLs, and a block that displays a shortened URL for the current page for easy copying.

The module tries to be performance-friendly and can handle service failures smoothly.


This package contains four modules:

  • Shorten URLs: provides an API and UI for shortening URLs via many common services
  • Record Shortened URLs: keeps track of which URLs have been shortened and displays them to administrators
  • Shorten URLs Custom Services: allows administrators to add custom URL shortening services through the user interface (instead of using the API)
  • Shorten URLs Input Filter: provides an input filter that can automatically shorten URLs in text


  • ShURLy: Allows using very short URLs at your own web address
  • Short URL: Allows using very short URLs at your own web address
  • Token: Allows using shortened URLs in the core Actions module or the contributed Rules module
  • Tweet: Makes it easy for visitors to easily post pages on your site to Twitter
  • Topsy Retweet: Shows a count of tweets of nodes and allows retweeting the node
  • Twitter: Allows content creators to post content directly to Twitter
  • Sexy Bookmarks: Allows posting nodes to a number of other sites
  • Share This Thing: Allows sharing certain content types.
  • Drippic: Turns your Drupal install into a Twitpic style Twitter image service
  • Service Links (2.x): Allows posting nodes to a number of other sites
  • Juick: Allows visitors to post pages from your site to Juick
  • TLD Restriction: Restricts shortening URLs to only certain TLDs, for example .gov
  • Mobile Codes: Turns URLs into mobile barcodes
  • Karmacracy: A link shortening service that counts clicks
  • Views: Allows customizing the display of the list of shortened URLs generated by the Record Shortened URLs submodule

Please open an issue in the queue if your module integrates with Shorten URLs and is not listed here, and I will add it to the list.

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