This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Shield Pages modules allows the administrator to secure any page in your website by password. You just need to go to configuration page of this module and add path, password. After that the added path will be password protected.

This module allow administrator to set global password for all protected pages.This module allow administer to set multiple passwords for shielded page per path. This module provide bypass password protection of protected pages permission also. All the shielded pages will be accessible by users having this permission.


  • There is no requirement and dependency.



  • Global Password Setting
  • Session Expire Time Setting
  • Configurable text for "Enter Password" screen
  • Send email to users.
  • Bypass permission to skip password protection.
  • Allows multiple passwords per path.

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Note : This module saves passwords in plain text in schema as per the design.So please don't file any information disclosure issue for it.

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