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With this module, you can add SharpSpring tracking to your pages. This includes the ability to track: landing pages, search terms, and referrers. Additionally, you can store your Sharpspring API credentials to be made available to related modules or for other advanced integrations.

What is Sharpspring?

SharpSpring is a marketing automation platform that combines site analytics and lead generation in one PaaS.

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Sharpspring Webforms - Add form-specific tracking codes to each webform on your site.

Sharpspring Personalize - Personalize content based on Sharpspring user data


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Future Features

This a list of potential extensions of the current module based on features of SharpSpring's API. Some are more ambitious than others, but they are (somewhat) prioritized.

  • Configure which pages tracking codes are added (or not added) to.
  • Configurable user role exclusion.
  • Ability to turn off page tracking
  • Allow individual authenticated users to opt-out of tracking
  • Custom tracking dimensions(Potential integration with Visitor Actions)
  • Commerce integration - send cart and sales data
  • Rules integration - based on a user's lead score
  • Provide dev hooks for API access

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