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The Share module hosts the ability to have several different types of ways to share content via widgets and tabs. It is now possible to manage hosts of sharing methods and set criteria for when and where to display those methods. Each share method can be displayed as a block, inside the node, or in node links.

If we take the provided share widget and the included link codes tab, by creating and enabling multiple of the share widget with link codes we can customize each and every one. On Story nodes we can have link codes only display the direct link to the node, and on Page nodes we can have link codes display all three of it's available codes. It is possible to utilize multiple types of widgets, for instance we can show the share widget on Page nodes and the ShareThis widget on nodes with a particular term attached to it.

The module includes it's own widget, a ShareThis widget (requires ShareThis), and one tab type called Link Codes.

Take a look at the two included widgets and the link codes tab for examples of how to use the API.

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