This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

SEO Watcher is a module that searches specified keywords with major search engines and checks the rank of your site and competitive sites automatically and creates the reports.


  • Target major search engines are, and
  • You can specify up to 10 keywords (or key phrases)
  • You can specify up to 5 competitive sites to check their rankings as well as your site.
  • Rankings of your sites are stored to the database for one year, and you can see the past rankings with nice line charts.
  • Admin or user of selected role, or any specified email address can receive the results of the ranking check via an email.
  • Checking is performed automatically by the specified frequency (everyday, every week or every month) during the cron task execution.

There are tools and online services which can do the same or similar things. However, this module integrates the functionality directly to Drupal. Once you install and set up the module, everything is done automatically on daily basis. All you need to do is check email reports everyday. It couldn't be easier.

Important Note and Disclaimers

This module sends search query to search engines for each keywords and get the result up until the maximum search rank just like you do manually with web browser. Therefore, it's a time consuming task and may take a few minutes or even longer depending on the number of keywords and maximum search rank. Logically, if you increase the number of keywords from one to three, the ranking check process may takes three times longer than now. That's the reason why we are asking you to try to minimize such factors as possible as you can. Besides, number of competitors sites does not have such dramatic impact on the time required because it does not increase the amount of data receives from search engines.

To avoid worst cases that the IP address of your Drupal site is banned by search engines, please do not modify this module to increase the number of keywords and/or maximum search rank, or consider choosing frequency of weekly or monthly. This would increase a risk of such worst cases. I think it would be OK to run the ranking check once a day with this kind of limited volume of search query. But please use this module at your own risk, and the developer is not responsible for any direct/indirect damages caused by the use of this module.

For more details, please visit the Documentation page.

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