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The SEO Compliance Checker checks node content on search engine optimization upon its creation or modification. Whenever a publisher saves or previews a node, the module performs a set of checks and gives the user a feedback on the compliance of the rules. This module is supported by the UFirst Group.


The core module seo_checker doesn't implement any checks. It introduces a hook to gather information about existing SEO checks in other modules. When you save or preview a node, the core module applies the discovered SEO checks, collects the results and displays them in form of a result table to the editor.


The module comes along with two submodules (basic_seo_rules.module and keyword_rules.module) that implement checks for some basic SEO rules. Any drupal module can define further SEO rules by implementing hook_register_seo_rules(). The function should return an array with the rule definitions such as their name, description and callback, similarly to hook_menu().

The submodule keyword_rules.module requires a text field on the node where you enter your keywords. It is recommended to use the Meta Tags (Drupal 6) respectively Meta tags or Meta tags quick module (Drupal 7). Alternatively, you can use CCK but you will have to create the field on your own.

If you have ideas for further SEO rules this module should check, feel free to post them to #420312: Ideas and patches for further rules.

Use jquery_ui for nice Sliders in Drupal 6

While Drupal 7 comes with jQuery UI included, Drupal 6 still requires you to install an additional module called jquery_ui. Once it is installed you will get nice sliders in the backoffice to adjust your rule thresholds.
In order to get the sliders, you need a working combination of modules and JQuery libraries. See the list below to find out what setup you need.

Preferred setup at the moment

Setup using older versions

Setup using newer versions

There is currently (June 17, 2010) no version of JQuery Update that updates JQuery to vesrion 1.4.x. So we can't use JQuery UI 1.8.x yet.

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