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General Architecture of Semantic Search

Semantic Search is an alpha quality faceted search front end for Drupal using an RDF-store on the back end. The code is overdeveloped and un-drupalike in many places. But this module contains many proof of concepts - so at least check out the screenshots.

Combines several experimental features:

* uses an RDF store as a search index. The built in store is easy to use. Other RDF stores require Java and configuration.
* dynamically creates default search interfaces, for many searches per site, configurable via admin interfaces.

Check out the latest news and information at

Semantic Search was formerly known as NINA.
NINA was developed with support from CivicActions and LINC, as well as current support from OHO Interactive.

I am looking for module contributors and comments.
Please take a look at in CVS!

Note: You will need an older version of ARC RDF store, or Sesame OpenRDF, and I am working to support ARC2 which is under active development.

The current release provides drop-in support for CCK and Taxonomy.

A live demo of the search interaction can be seen at:

Again - code is Alpha quality and is for EXPERIMENTATION ONLY.

Minimal Requirements:

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