Search Krumo (with 'Get path')
Search Krumo (without 'Get path')


Search Krumo extends the Devel module. It makes it possible to search through the krumo's that Devel provides when you use for example dpm().

It's a time-saving module for lazy programmers

Using the sdpm() function that extends the normal dpm() function will add the variable name or function you put into sdpm().
This way if you copy the path using the 'Get path' button you don't have to type anything anymore. Great for lazy programmers!



There is a search field before the krumo output. You can search for keys or values. Best feature is that it automatically opens the array to let you view the result! You'll be amazed how easy it works and how much time you save with this.

Copying the variable path

You can copy the path to an item in an array or object. You can easily get something like this: $variables['page']->node->nid, which you can just copy paste. To fully use this function use sdpm() instead of dpm().
This is ideal for hardworking and lazy programmers!

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Are your fingers getting tired of clicking trough Devel output? Check the search_krumo module ( ) Thanx to @GoalGorilla

Really wish I had discovered Search Krumo ( …) a few years ago... #drupal

download search_krumo for all development work, you'll thank me latter #drupal

wow! search_krumo is an epic improvement for Drupal devel output:

omfg search Krumo just gave me epic #nerdgasm

To search krumo output is amazing, but to get the array/object path and copy it was a stroke of genius!

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