This module is looking for a new maintainer! See #2529532: Seeking new maintainer for details.

This module is an enhancement to the core Drupal search module, which adds a new tab to the core Search page or can also be used in stand-alone mode. The differences between Search by Page and the existing tabs in the core Search module lie in what is indexed for searching and how it is indexed:

  • Search by Page indexes the content of your pages as rendered by your theme (Search indexes the default rendering you would have from an unmodified theme)
  • Search by Page allows you to omit content from indexing (such as "database table" node types that should never be viewed as stand-alone content)
  • Search by Page allows you to index non-Node pages, including user profiles, file attachments, and Views
  • Search by Page is language-aware, so it only shows you results in the current language.
  • Search by Page has multiple search "environments", so you can have different search pages/blocks to search different things.

Search by Page does not know what the pages of your site are, so it doesn't index anything by itself. You will need to enable and configure at least one sub-module that lets you add paths to the search index, in order for this module to do anything.

Search by Page currently comes with four sub-modules (versions 6.x-1.1/7.x-1.0 and later):

  • Nodes: Indexes nodes of particular content types
  • Attachments: Indexes files attached to nodes of particular content types via the core Upload module and the CCK FileField module (Drupal 6.x) or the core File field (Drupal 7.x). Note: Depends on the Search Files module. If you are using Drupal 7.x and there is currently no Drupal 7 version released of Search Files, you can download what you need from this issue.
  • Users: Indexes user profile pages for users of particular roles.
  • Paths: Indexes arbitrary paths to pages on your site, such as Views pages. This is the most generic sub-module, but if you put a lot of paths in it, your searches will run slower.
  • You can also write your own sub-module: see the API documentation file distributed with this module (or use one of the included sub-modules as an example). If you write a sub-module that you think would be useful for others, please file an issue and I'll consider including it in the main distribution.

The Handbook page on this module has more information on configuration and usage, although it may be out of date. The README.txt file in the module distribution has more up-to-date information, although it may be less verbose.

This module was developed by Jennifer Hodgdon (jhodgdon) of Poplar ProductivityWare.

Please check the issue information in the sidebar to see if your question has already been addressed before contacting the module developer with questions. And when you do decide to contact the developer, please do so by filing an issue, so that others may also benefit from seeing the conversation between you and the developer and avoid duplicating it. Thanks!

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