Title display

This module extends the search box so it gives back search results while typing. It currently supports two ways of displaying these search suggestions: clickable title or by an extra view mode 'live results search'. With the view mode support you have full control on how you will show the live results.

It's fully inspired by the Search API autocomplete module, but instead of giving back keywords, this module will give back content matches.


This module is mainly being tested with Solr.

Important: To have partial string search, you have to enable fuzzy search in your solr configuration (schema.xml). You can find more info on how to enable this here.


There is experimental support to cache the results in memcache (check search_api_live_results.results.php) so you don't have to do a full drupal bootstraps, making it 50% faster for cached searches.

The best results are achieved when the live search query urls are cached with varnish. Getting almost an instant search suggestion while typing.


Module sponsored by Nascom and Schoeller Arca Systems

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