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Scrollable Content

Scrollable Content provides a scrolling functionality for your content. Scrollable Content will give you a nice content slider preview of your site's nodes, and provides some display options.

The basic use is via blocks page, you'll find a block called "Scrollable Content" and if you want more control & you know how to use Views, you should use the Views style for Scrollable Content.


  • Easy: Very easy to use, just enable it, go to blocks pages and config Scrollable Content block, or better use in Views module.
  • Smart: Detect images inside node's body or you can manually specify CCK image field.
  • Lightweight: Small Javascript files size.
  • Customizable: Change speed, interval, rotation, and the number of results.
  • Cool: The sliding effect is very smooth, also you can slide using your mouse wheel or keyboard!


Yeah just one, jquery_update 2.x for v2.x branch of D6 version.

Can work with


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NEW! in v2

  • Themes feature, you can now create a new theme and place it inside themes directory and start using it! or better publish it!!
  • You can now display as many scrolling content as you want on the same page with different themes, but don't kill the browser with tens of them on the same page ;)
  • Works with latest jQuery Tools Navigator and History plugins (still expermintal, but worht checking out and report issues).
  • Optimized code, better performance.

Coming soon

  • The new demo site
  • More themes
  • Video screncast.



From v1.x to v2.x (D6 version) no upgrade path available. Please unisntall 1.x and install v2.x if you to upgrade.

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