This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Scrippet provides an input filter for formatting text according to Film & Television Screenplay format. Just enter screenplay content between <scrippet></scrippet> tags, and the included CSS will do the rest.

Originated here:

Just enable the module, and add the ‘Scrippet’ filter to your Input Format. If using Filtered HTML, you’ll need to make sure ‘p’ and ‘div’ tags are allowed. You’ll want to also use a filter like HTML_corrector to keep commenters from breaking your layout with unclosed div’s, if you allow comments to use the filter.

As a reminder, for security, anonymous and other untrusted users should never be allowed to use input formats that do not filter dangerous HTML.

Drupal module created by Ninjitsu Web Development in Los Angeles:

Developer can be hired for customizations, installation & configuration support, and other Drupal services.

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