This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


Saved Searches provides a simple workflow for saving search queries from Drupal core search. It will take advantage of Apache Solr facets, if the Apache Solr Search Integration module is installed.

Saved Searches gives users with permission access to a "save this search" form in a block, which appears on search result pages, and lists the user's saved searches in another block. Depending on a user's permissions, Saved Searches will provide a simple "Save this search" button, a text field for entering a short URL slug, and/or a dropdown to "Re-use an existing saved search name". Clicking the "Save this search" button without entering a URL slug will generate a short URL for the search, like "". A link to the search will appear in the savedsearches_user block.

Saved Searches is useful for sites with complex search options, or sites where users may want to revisit or share dynamic sets of search results.


This module was developed by for the Balboa Park Online Collaborative.

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