This module provides tools for connecting to and importing data from the Rotten Tomatoes service.


This module uses Features to provide two content types, Movie and Review. Those are the content types that will be populated by import operations.

The code to actually talk to Rotten Tomatoes is provided as a separate Composer library on This module requires the composer_autoload module, or its code will not load correctly.


Before enabling the module, you must run php composer.phar install from within the module's directory. That will download the 3rd party dependencies this module has, as well as setup the autoloader.


There is currently only a single configuration directive: The Rotten Tomatoes API key. That may be set at /admin/config/services/rotten-tomatoes. Alternatively, add it to your $conf array in settings.php like so:

$conf['rotten_tomatoes_api_key'] = 'abcde';


At this time, this is primarily an API module. It is intended to allow easy importing of data as nodes by custom code. It does not have a UI beyond setting the API key.


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