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Screenshot of slide editing interface

Make a cool rotating banner. This project is used on Released so people can play with it. It may or may not be maintained in the future, but if you like it, c'mon in.

There are lots of other really good flexible solutions out there that may be more what you're looking for. This module is really focused on the usability and total control while creating banners. Here's a summary of why we built it

Great documentation by Tom Kehoe


  • Various transition effects (fade, wipe, etc)
  • Rich Editor where you can pick a background image and add headlines and text areas. Supports inline editing and drag and drop
  • Creates blocks, you can make a bunch of them
  • Can be a static size, or will grow to the size of your largest / smallest image or the size of the region you put it in automatically!

If you want to play around, come to and get a site!

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