This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides Drupal integration with Rollbar . Rollbar provides a central point for managing code errors and warnings on your site. Users can easlily track when errors begin to occur and how often.

Combined with client infomation. Like, browser, page plugins etc it can be very powerful at aiding development.

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This module currently supports

  • Configurable PHP library path.
  • Configurable access keys.
  • Configurable environment (production, staging development etc)
  • PHP Exception handler.
  • PHP Error handler.
  • Watchdog error handler
  • Ignore PHP watchdog errors. (Don't send these to Rollbar)
  • Ability to turn off native PHP handlers and send all watchdog errors
  • JavaScript integration (send JS errors/exceptions to

Installation instructions

  1. Download and enable the module.
  2. Download rollbar.php from
  3. Place the downloaded file in your installation: sites/all/libraries/rollbar/rollbar.php

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