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A blogger's new best friend, Riddle makes it easy to quickly create beautiful and highly shareable quizzes, tests, lists, polls, and more. With just a few clicks, rapidly embed any Riddle on your Drupal site - with no coding required.

  • Use any of 1000’s of licensed images or upload your own
  • Go beyond pictures - use GIFs, YouTube videos and more for added ‘pop’!
  • Built-in virality: each Riddle can quickly be shared on Facebook and other social networks - and all these resulting new users come back to your site.
  • The kicker? It’s 100% free!
  • Click here for a 1 minute tour.

Free features

  • Create unlimited quizzes, lists, polls, and sentiment analysis widgets – in under 60 seconds
  • Customize the colors and fonts of each embed to seamlessly match your site's look and feel
  • Collect unlimited leads and sign ups via integrated forms
  • Directly all data integrate with MailChimp, or upload via a CSV file
  • Monetize your quizzes with your own ads

Premium features

  • Remove Riddle branding and add your own logo
  • Multi-user team functionality – collaborate and edit Riddles together
  • Global style sheets – apply your preset color/font/CSS formatting with just a click
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