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This modules enables the ability to mass delete aging node revisions. Possible settings include node type, the age of node revision before being deleted, along with a Cron frequency setting. The revisions may be deleted after review on an administer page as well. This module will NEVER delete the current revision of a node, nor will it allow you to do so.

Sponsored by: Dog Park with significant improvements by MomsTeam.

Related modules

  • Node Revision Delete - "lets you to track and prune old revisions of content types". It has a stable D7 release.


  • Any site with limited database size. Aged revisions, if not needed anymore, can bloat the size of the drupal database. If 10MBs or less is your maximum database size, this module may help you recover space.
  • Collaborative writing/editing site. The revisions of node may pile up quickly during the article creation phase, but then the article/node stabilizes and is rarely touched. If those 'in process' revisions are not needed long term, this automated tool may help clean up the node revisions table.

Version Status

With the increasing adoption of Drupal 6 and the maturing of D7, we feel the time has come to place our 5.x-1.x version into “maintenance only” mode. From now until we release a 7.x version there will be no new development on the 5.x branch; we will, however, provide a best effort to fix bugs.


As with all contributed modules, when considering submitting an issue:

  1. Read the documentation (two or three times is better). Don't forget the home page.
  2. Review the existing issues list. (Don't forget to select "<all>" for the "Status" field.)
  3. Gather all the appropriate information. This may include (but is not limited to):
  • Drupal version.
  • Browser type and version.
  • Database type and version.
  • Error messages, if any.
  • Module settings.
  • Submit the issue. If other modules are involved, you may need to submit the issue to those modules as well.
  • PHP prior 5.2.5 and MySql 4

    Due to end-of-life on PHP4 and MySql4, we no longer actively support either of those products. If a problem arises, we will make an effort to work around it, but will not make a guarantee. Drupal 7 will require PHP 5.2.5 or higher and MySql 5 (or Postgres 8); if your host is not at these levels yet, please encourage them to get there ASAP.


    As with all modules, please make sure you run update.php after updating this module, even if no updates are identified.

    Development version status

    The development versions (-dev) are where the newest stuff is, including any bug fixes and new features. We try to make sure it is tested before we commit anything, but occasionally a bug will get by us. Your help on testing this code is greatly appreciated. The translation templates may not always be up-to-date in the dev releases.

    Current Features being tested in Development
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