This modules enables the ability to mass delete aging node revisions. Possible settings include node type, the age of node revision before being deleted, along with a cron frequency setting. The revisions may be deleted after review on an administer page as well. This module will NEVER delete the current revision of a node, nor will it allow you to do so.

Ideally suited for

  • Any site with limited database size. Aged revisions, if not needed anymore, can bloat the size of the drupal database. If 10MBs or less is your maximum database size, this module may help you recover space.
  • Collaborative writing/editing site. The revisions of node may pile up quickly during the article creation phase, but then the article/node stabilizes and is rarely touched. If those 'in process' revisions are not needed long term, this automated tool may help clean up the node revisions table.

Further development

If you read the Similar Projects section in the Node Revision Delete module you will see that at this moment there are 5 modules that works with Revisions:

We don't need 5 modules to clean revisions when we can have only one, is more easy to maintain and we can concentrate efforts, the only module that is being migrated to Drupal 8 is #2866825: [node_revision_delete] Node Revision Delete and at the same time the new features are backported to the 7.x-3.x version. So, we recommend you to use the Node Revision Delete.

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