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Administration of the resubmission nodes

The resubmission module allows you to create a list of nodes to be processed by a certain date or at specific intervals. Extremely helpful is this module for constantly changing content, which must be kept up to date or if registered offers expire on certain dates. In addition, a reminder text can be entered, which is helpful for the person who has to process the content in the processing.

Possible examples:
- Time-limited product or service offers
- Expiring coupon offers
- Weekly changing Information Notices
- Changes in content to hold others up to date
- etc.

There are certainly other applications, where you can take advantage of the resubmission of certain content.

In summary we can say:
- You do not need make additional notes to be reminded of changes to the content.
- You do not need to go through all the contents of the site and look for expired offers or services.
- Remind yourself of needed changes and keep your users better informed.

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