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The REST Provider module provides a simple framework for creating RESTful web services using Drupal. It strives to be simple and unobtrusive, imposing as few constraints on developers as possible. Developers are free to create any kind of RESTful web service, not just "Drupalesque" services. This module also takes care of some of the more tedious aspects of creating a RESTful web service.

Difference From Other Drupal REST Modules

There are currently three other REST-related modules for Drupal. Here's how this module compares to those:

  • REST API — This module's purpose is to access Drupal functions through a (mostly) RESTful interface, not creating web services with Drupal.
  • RESTfulness — This module's purpose, like the REST API module, is to access Drupal functions through a RESTful interface. The module has had no releases and doesn't appear to be in active development.
  • REST Server — This module's purpose is to provide a (somewhat) RESTful implementation of the Services API. It is thus beholden to the Services module's constraints.

For documentation, please see the readme.html file in the module's folder.

Note: This module requires the pecl_http module because it relies on a couple of functions found in that library.

Initial development sponsored by pingVision.

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