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Added new support for CCK textarea fields in the latest 2.0 branch!

Have you ever wanted to resize the body or comment field? Do you want that funky facebook-esque automatic height adjustment coolness on textareas but didn't know who to turn to? Well fear not, introducing Resizable_body!

That's right, resizable body adds the options to specify the rows and cols count for the body and the comment field! Not only that, but It also allows you to remove that pesky 'split summary at cursor' button that you have a love / hate relationship with. And, we're not done there, not only all this, but you can also specify how the height of the textfield should be adjusted - either disable it altogether, show the default grippie, or have automatic height adjustment. YES! That's right - automatic height adjustment for body, comment or textarea fields!

All this can be yours for the one-time non-refundable fee of FREE!


Simply install, and look for the new "Resizing options" fieldset inside the submission form settings and comment settings.

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